Local History Research is about diligence, getting to know the contents of archive sources and background reading. In most cases you will not find everything you need to see, and possible avenues of research will not be apparent to you immediately. To facilitate your research, the Addelam History Research Group plan to operate Workshop meetings. Small groups of members will meet at various locations and discuss their current topic. The other members present can help greatly - they may have seen other records and can definitely suggest other areas to look at.

The mechanism for organising a workshop meeting is as follows:

You will needs to have an available room (you should set a maximum number which can attend). Arrange a time and place (and topics) with the Chairman. An email announcement will then be sent out to the complete membership with this information. Members who wish to attend must email back, including any additional topics they wish to discuss. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis until the venue is full.

If you need help with your research then offer to host a meeting!

For previous workshops refer to the EVENT DIARY