Eastry Burials 1747-1812

The Entries in this register were copied by Mrs. Jenny Stone and Michael Kinns
from Photocopies of the Eastry Parish Register for the period 1747-1812
provided by Mr.Jack Bones of Wells Farm Eastry
The original documents are now in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives
From 1747 until December 31st 1752 the Julian Calendar was used in the Burial Register
Each New Year began on 25th March (Lady Day -the Feast of the Annunciation)

On January 1st 1753 the Burial Register changed to the Gregorian Calendar

1747 Apr-26 Ruth Farrier
May-01 Anne Hall
May-21 John Smith
Jun-30 Mary Codham
July-09 Thomas Friend
Aug-18 George Petman
Nov-24 Edward Rammel
Dec-29 Mary Denne
Jan-10 John Harlow
Jan-15 Mary Burchel
Feb-09 Elizabeth Danton
Feb-11 Mary Danton
Feb-26 James Pritchus
Mar-06 Elizabeth Spain
Mar-11 Alice Fagg
Mar-13 Anne Bellamy
Mar-16 Mary Fagg
1748 Mar-27 Mary Harlow
Apr-01 James Cock
Apr-08 Edward Wastall
Jun-29 Mr Thomas Fuller (Aged 79) Fuller
July-05 Robert Aynott
Nov-19 Mrs Mary (Widow of Mr Thos. FullerAged 78.) Fuller
Nov-29 Ann Hudson
Dec-11 Ann Rammel
Jan-17 William Aynott
Feb-26 Rebecca Browning
Mar-24 Drayson Piddock
1749 Mar29 Margaret Reynolds
Mar-30 SusAnna Palmer
Mar-31 William Fells
May-15 SusAnna Rammel
May-19 Thomas Thomas
Jun-18 Mrs Elizabeth Boteler
July-02 Sarah Matthews
July-09 Matthew Woodruff
Aug-15 Mary Drayson
Aug-18 Ann Pritchus
Oct-08 Richard Blew
Nov-22 Margaret Baily
Dec-06 George Baily
Jan-11 Richard Prett
Jan-16 Henry Durban
Feb-24 Edward Petman
Feb-26 Mary-Frances Savage
1750 Mar-26 David Dad
Jun-27 Elizabeth Piddock
July-10 Matilda Weston
Aug-21 Matthew Woodruff
Aug-30 William Marsh
Oct-29 Stephen Vile
Jan-12 William Terry
Feb-02 Jarvis Dad
Feb-19 John ParamourEsq (of Statenbro) Paramour
Mar-10 Sylvester Woodruff
Mar-19 Amy Cook
1751 Apr-19 Ann Harvey (Daughter of Mr Soloman-Aged 64) Harvey
Apr-26 Robert Petman
May-14 Sarah Goodban
May-15 Charles Bellomy
Aug-15 Sarah Massy
Sept-17 Ann Petit
Nov-04 Daniel Kelly
Nov-17 Jane Stace
Feb-18 Elizabeth Lawson
1752 July-18 Thomas Browning
July-26 John Cock
Oct-20 Elizabeth Updown
Nov-13 Richard Marsh

The End of the Old Style



1753 Jan-26 Sarah Sturges
May-27 John Matthews
July-19 Jane Boteler (a child–daughter of Mr Thos & Elizabeth) Boteler
July-27 Richard Morriss
July-28 Richard Wellard
Sep-11 Mary Howledge
Oct-25 Jane Prett
Oct-31 John Drayson
Nov-05 Martha Dewell
Nov-25 William Parker
1754 Mar-17 Catherine Cock
Mar-17 Mary Spain
Mar-22 Ann Spain
Mar-30 Miss Mary of Sandwich (Daughter of Mr Thos. Oct 18) Fuller
Apr-09 Joseph Pitcher
Apr-14 John Esq Bridges
Apr-23 Jane Prett
Apr-26 Elizabeth Hole
Apr-28 Richard Simmons
May-06 Richard Sayer
May-24 Mary Petman
Jun-18 Thomas Pott
Aug-04 Ann Mount
Aug-25 Mary Castle
Sep-25 Jame Hudson
Oct-11 John Drayson
Dec-29 Jane Rammell
Dec-30 Edward Morris
1755 Jan-16 Edward Noakes
Jan-16 Thomas Elger
Feb-09 Elizabeth Phassom
Feb-10 Mary Widow Hall
Feb-24 William Hole
Mar-05 Sarah Stephens
Mar-13 Ann Drayson
Apr-26 Mary Pittock
May-18 John Phassom
Jun-01 Ingram Durban
July-08 Mary Smith
July-29 John Spain
Sep-28 James Hudson
Nov-15 Sarah Hills
Nov-18 Edward Barber
Nov-22 Thomas Hall
Dec-23 Ann Lawrence
1756 Jan-06 Thomas Lilly
Jun-27 Elizabeth Holiday
July-22 Ellen Cock
July-30 William Wraight
Aug-17 Richard Keble
Sep-05 Ann Ancell
Sep-22 Joseph Sprackling
Oct-07 Ann Tipper
Nov-01 Joanna Hudson
Nov-28 Judith Taylor
Nov-28 Judith Chalcraft
1757 Jan-09 Elizabeth Cock
Jan-23 Thomas Sayer
Jan-23 Thomas Kite
Jan-27 Richard Palmer
Jan-31 Hanna Vigeon
Apr-21 David Lawrence
May-18 Ann Browning
May-24 James Taylor
May-28 Sarah Spearpoint
Jun-07 Elizabeth Bartlet
July-05 Mary Jackson
Aug-03 Mary Hancock
Sep-30 Ann Dad
Oct-13 Ann Tamson
Nov-26 Elizabeth Bridges
1758 Jan-08 Ann Chalcraft
Jan-20 William Hancock
Feb-19 Elizabeth Fassom
Feb-26 Elizabeth Cock
Jun-15 Ann Drayson
Jun-29 George Mount
July-02 Richard Lamber
Aug-09 Jane Kite
Oct-27 Edward & Mary Spain
Nov-02 John Abbott
Dec-28 Richard Maud Harvey (Son of Richard, Vicar & Catherine) Harvey
1759 Mar-18 Ann Jarman
Apr-24 Elizabeth Durban
May-01 Ann Pritchard
Jun-01 Mary Cook
July-26 Ann Morris
Sep-09 Sarah Paramour
Nov-10 Mary Sayer
Dec-22 Thomas Rammell
1760 Jan-25 William Brett
Feb-27 Richard Woodward
Feb-29 Thomas Elgar
Mar-16 Mary Bushel
Mar-16 John Smith
May-07 Elizabeth Wood
May-27 Mary Smith
July-01 Thomas Cock
Oct-17 John Fuller (Gent son of Mr Thomas & Mary Aet 64) Fuller
Nov-15 Catherine Towell
Dec-15 Ann Smith
1761 Jan-14 William Uzband
Apr-20 Henry Piddock
Jun-21 Sarah Petman
Sep-12 Jane Cook
Sep-13 John Lewis
Oct-28 Richard Stephens
Nov-03 Mary Cook
Nov-05 Elizabeth Piddock
Nov-17 Elizabeth Piddock
Nov-29 John Belcy
1762 Feb-24 Elizabeth Cock
Mar-01 Laurence Fells
Mar-03 Elizabeth Bartlett
Mar-17 Elizabeth Bean
Apr-09 John Kemp
May-14 Thomas Pettman
Aug-08 Christopher Hall
Aug-12 Cath Higgins
Aug-22 Henry Ansell
Sep-07 Ann Smith
Nov-18 Mary Wastall
Nov-22 Caleb Piddock
Dec-05 Mary Smith
Dec-07 Mary Sutton
Dec-23 Catherine (Wife of Mr. John Springett. Aet74) Springett
Dec 29 Mary Hammond
1763 Jan-23 John Barton
Feb-18 Jane Cook
Feb-25 Thomas Castle
Feb-27 Ingram Durban
Mar-02 Mary Record
Mar-30 William Long
Apr-15 Ann Tizzard
Apr-26 Thomas Kebble
Jun-05 Richard Sayer
Jun-14 John Dewell
Jun-14 William Cook
July-06 John Wastall
Aug-01 Elizabeth Taylor
Aug-16 Thomas Massey
Sep-23 William Cock
Nov-29 James Cock
Dec-11 Elizabeth Hudson
Dec-15 Alice Morris
1764 Feb-02 Sarah Piddock
Feb-19 John Hart
Mar-15 Sarah Parker
Mar-28 Ann Massy
Apr-02 Mary Barber
Apr-05 Margaret (Daughter of Mr Joshua & Mary. Abt 67) Paramour
Apr-14 Catharine Stace
Jun-01 Sampson Burton
Sep-02 Thomas Kite
Oct-07 John Tells
Oct-21 Mary Smith
Oct-25 James Harvey
Nov-11 Michael Cullen
Nov-23 Ann Browning
Nov-27 Edward Winter
Dec-09 Joseph Spratling
Dec-30 Thomas Browning
1765 Jan-02 Jane Cook
Apr-30 Jane Pritchus
May-09 Ann Hall
Jun-18 Elizabeth Cook
Sep-02 Mary Kebble
Oct-13 William Smith
Oct-29 Jane Pitcher
Dec-19 Ann Bushel
1766 Jan-04 John Tizard
Jan-09 Ann Horn
Jan-11 Hezekiah Stace
Feb-26 Elizabeth Nervin
Mar-18 Mary Smith
May-27 John Pain
Jun-15 John Burton
July-25 Richard Morris
Oct-22 William Collar
Oct-23 Mercy Morris
1767 Jan-06 Stephen Elgar
Jan-11 Martha Marsh
Mar-11 Thomas Phillis
Apr-12 William Hart
Jun-17 John Nethersole
July-03 Michael Cock
Aug-08 Henry Bushel
Oct-06 William Coleman
Oct-14 Jane Fassom
Oct-23 Ann Jones
Nov-11 John Kemp
Nov-16 Elizabeth Cock
1768 Jan-18 Susanna Lamber
Feb-04 John Cook
Feb-07 Elizabeth Fassom
Mar-28 William Cook
May-10 Richard ( Yeoman Aged 89) Kelly
July-03 Ann Barton
July-05 William Ferrier
July-14 John Hancock
July-18 Elizabeth Castle
Aug-05 Mary Coller
Sep-12 Thomas Massey
Sep-12 Mary Spain
Sep-28 Thomas Boteler ( aged 54 son of Thomas & Elizabeth) Boteler
Oct-27 Thomas Bee
Nov-09 John Carden
Dec-11 Mary Fin
1769 Apr-07 Grace Clark
Apr-23 William Hogbin
May-01 Mary Fells
May-30 William Vigeon
Jun-09 William Butler(a Stranger) Butler
Jun-20 Elizabeth Laurance
July-06 Richard Piddock
July-21 John Piddock
Aug-16 Catharine (Daughter of Richard Harvey Vicar & Cath Aet 17) Harvey
Sep-29 John Harvey
Oct-22 Thomas Piddock
Dec-11 Mary Redman
Dec-26 Elizabeth Pain
Dec-28 Ann Fordred
1770 Jan-10 Hannah Pain
Jan-12 Susan Buried in Linnen and Information made Rammell
Jan-17 Mary Pritchus
Jan-19 John Abt 73 Springett
Jan-21 Jane Redman
Mar-22 Richard Castle
Mar-29 Thomas Redman
Apr-04 Ann Castle
May-10 Robert Nethersole
May-17 Martha Elgar
Sep-16 Mr. William Dare (of Fenderland) He died at Margate Sept 7th Aged 35 Dare
Oct-21 Ann Pritchus
Nov-22 Daniel Tunbridge
Nov-25 Ann Jarman
Nov-29 Daniel Tamson
Dec-16 Thomas Bing
Dec-20 Elizabeth Vigeon
1771 Jan-17 Ann Dad
Jan-24 Elizabeth Fagg
Feb-17 Richard Morris
Mar-31 Mary Moat
May-18 Ann Pott
May-28 Catharine Munns
July-22 William Palmer
Oct-06 Wellard Eastace
Oct-30 William Castle
1772 Jan-06 Edward Wastall
Mar-03 Mary Castle
Mar-13 Revd Richard, late worthy vicar of this parish Aet 42 Harvey
Mar-15 William Morris
May-03 Samuel an Infant Fells
May-14 Elizabeth Collar
Aug-25 John Aged 75 Cornelius
Oct-14 Christian Aged 74. Brought from Hythe Bargrave
Nov-17 John Aged ? Rowe
Nov-25 Ann Aged 60 Vigeon
Dec-08 Edward Aged 54 Kebble
Dec-29 Elizabeth Aged 10 years Hole
1773 Jan-10 Sarah Aged 27 years Banks
Feb-05 Richard Aged 33 years (son of Thomas & Elizabeth) Boteler
Feb-10 Edward Aged 30 Sayers
Mar-13 Edward Aged 19 years Kebble
Apr-20 Richard Aged 34 years Hogben
May-21 Ann Aged 47 Kebble
May-23 Thomas Esq. Aged 68 (Son of Thos & Mary Gent) Fuller
Jun-16 Thomas Aged 73 Lednon
July-15 William Sawkins
July-25 Isaack Thomas
Aug-11 Jane, an infant from Sandwich Smith
Oct-24 Daniel 33 Vigeon
Oct-24 Thomas Aged 83 Denne
Nov-23 Mary, Aged 39 years Wickards
Dec-14 Elizabeth Aged ? years Cook
Dec-14 John Aged 66 years Woodruff
1774 Jan-25 Jane, Aged 14 years Kember
Feb-13 Ann Hoyle Aged 35 years Hoyle
Feb-24 Mr Robert Bargrave (Son of Robert & Elizabeth) 39 years, brought from Lambeth Bargrave
Mar-19 Sarah , Aged 12 years Goldfinch
Apr-01 Stephen Holman Aged 87 years Holman
Apr-12 Jane Cullen Aged ? Cullen
Apr-17 Mary Aged 25 years Stewart
Jun-10 Elizabeth Piddock Aged 81 years Piddock
July-07 Philip, an infant Petman
Sep-11 Thomas Aged 70 years Cook
Sep-13 Mary Aged 65 Nethersole
Nov-24 Benjamin , An Infant Pilcher
Dec-07 William , An Infant ( Son of William & Sarah) Boteler
1775 Jan-09 Mary Elizabeth 2 years Kelly
Jan-26 Thomas Aged 40 Years Cornelius
Mar-13 Thomas Aged 5 years Mummery
Apr-09 John Aged 92 years Sutton
May-12 John Aged 60 Years Pott
May-15 Edward , An Infant Wastall
July-06 Elizabeth Aged 38 Chidwick
July-30 William - Parish Clerk Aged 70 Years Aynott
Aug-11 Elizabeth (Widow of Mr Thomas Boteler. Aged 65) Boteler
Aug-13 Isaac , a Stranger Lusman
Sept-29 Hester Harvey
Oct-25 Martha , Widow of Richard Aged 93 Years Pitcher
Nov-13 William . Atat 77 Decd & Affadavit Pittock
Nov-19 Susanna, Wife of John, Atat 54(palsy) Afft Terry
Nov-29 Richard (from Sandwich). Etat 28 Woodroffe
Dec-08 Thomas Infant Kelly
Dec-09 William, Infant( Son of William & Sarah) Boteler
Dec-14 Stephen ) Halliday
Dec-14 Martha ) Both Aged, From Ye Poor House Pitcher
1776 Jan-21 Thomas. A Child Finn
Apr-14 Ann, Wife of William Piddock
Jun-25 John. A Child Bing
July-17 Sarah Baker Inft ( From Margate ) Baker
Aug-26 Jane ( from Sandwich) Abt 18 Barton
Nov-28 Edward Inft White
1777 Jan-15 Sarah, Wife of Mr William Boteler Boteler
Feb-15 John Etat 78 Ansell
Feb-20 Abraham Etat 77 Chapman
Mar-11 Stephen Atat 86 Kember
Apr-13 Ann, Wife of Benjamin Keete
Apr-17 Eliz. Marsh
Apr-25 Wm. Pott
Oct-19 Mary Aged 70 Fells
Nov-28 George , 74 Prichard
Dec-17 Margaret 75 Row
Dec-19 Richard , an Infant Finn
1778 Feb-22 John Kingsford an Infant Kingsford
Mar-01 Sarah an Infant Mummary
Mar-26 Ann Kemp Aged 4 Kemp
Apr-15 Elizabeth Aged 88 Parker
Aug-09 George Belsey 3 years Belsey
Aug-11 MaryBelsey 1 1/2years Belsey
Aug-16 Elizabeth Fagg
Oct-25 Elizabeth Hudson 54 Hudson
Oct-08 James 15 Spain
Nov-27 Joseph Smith Aged 59 Smith
Nov-27 Ann , An Infant Wanstall
1779 Jan-15 Richard Pret 72 Peel
Feb-07 Ann Hall
Apr-20 Lawrence Aged 41 Fells
May-14 Susan Aged 2 Dcd Affidavit Goldfinch
May-27 Mary Aged 37 Dcd Affidavet Cook
Jun-07 Sarah Aged 79 Dcd Affidavit Wastall
Jun-13 Thos. An Infant Dcd Affidavit Fells
Jun-27 Elizabeth Aged 12 Dcd Affidavit Kemp
July-07 Elizabeth Aged 67 Dcd Affidavit Pret
July-13 Lawrence Baker Holden, An Infant Dcd Affidavit Holden
July-21 John Aged 7 Dcd Affidavit Finn
Aug-12 Charles Aged 82 Dcd Affidavit Finch
Aug-26 John An Infant Dcd Affidavit Lawrence
Sept-09 Thos (some shorthand squiggles) Nisbett
Oct-01 Sarah An Infant (some shorthand squiggles) Marsh
Oct-12 Ann Hart Aged 4 Dcd Affidavit Hart
Oct-17 John Aged 28 Ford
Nov-29 Rebecca Aged 87 Kember
Dec-03 Ann Woodruffe Aged 95 Woodruffe
Dec-22 Robt. Aged 83 Bargrave
1780 Jan-18 Martha Dewell
Jan-18 John 14 Pritchard
Feb-13 William 50 Curling
Feb-20 Catherine 88 Cock
Feb-27 William 51 Bushel
Mar-16 Joshua 36 Hart
Mar-26 James 77 Fells
Apr-11 Sarah 70 Easden
Apr-14 Ann 38 Pittock
Apr-21 Richard 82 Stokes
Apr-24 Ann 7 Kite
May-19 John 80 Woodroffe
Sep-17 James, An Infant Dunn
Oct-14 John, An Infant Hogben
Oct-17 Susanna 62 Simmons
Nov-01 John 88 Parker
Nov-29 Mary 77 Hudson
Dec-07 Richard 61 Fagg
1781 Jan-28 Mary 85 Hancock
Feb-04 Wm 62 Newing
Feb-04 Susanna Smith
Feb-11 Mary 72 Woodroffe
Feb-11 Elizabeth Pott
Mar-13 Eliz.,widow of Thomas 72 Bury’d in Linnen Rammell
Apr-10 Eliz. Hobdy
Apr-20 Gabriel Aged 9 months Drayson
May-03 Susanna Dr of N. Nisbett and Eliz his wife Nisbett
May-17 Jane. An Infant Belsey
Jun-17 Ann Aged 70 Taylor
July-18 Hannah 2 years Harte
July-18 Ann Ford 4 years Ford
Nov-02 Eliz. Cook 9 years Cook
Dec-30 William Cook 4 Years Cook
1782 Feb-03 Susanna 73 Mount
Feb-10 Thomas White
Feb-21 William Parker
Mar-14 Elizabeth Beer
Mar-21 Mary Colins
Apr-03 Thomas Marbrook
May-13 Mary Aged 39 Hudson
May-14 Christopher 63 Hall
Jun-29 Eliz.Cook 75 Cook
Oct-06 Valentine 88 Spain
Nov-21 James Bartlett 93 Bartlett
Nov-26 Edward Bunce 2 years Keble
Dec-15 Thomas An Infant Keble
Dec-25 Thomas Hudson 30 Hudson
1783 Feb-14 Eliz. 63 Newing
Mar-19 Thomas 21 Petman
Apr-03 John . An Infant Fagg
Apr-25 Thomas An infant Marbrook
Jun-02 Eliz.D of Thomas & Eliz. Morris
Jun-15 Joseph Belsey
Jun-22 William Fagg
July-16 Mrs Mary . Single 85 Fuller
Aug-16 Mary. D of Michael & Esther Nethersole
Aug-21 Mary 3 years Wanstall


nb from this time (Oct 1st) the tax on burials (3 pence) takes place

1783 Oct-14 Sarah, wife of Thomas Kite
Oct-22 Richard - P Bayley
Nov-05 Elizabeth - P Hall
Nov-06 Ann - P Drayson
Dec-03 Jane - P Ledner
1784 Mar-21 Mary, D of Reaks & Mary Kingsford
Apr-13 George - P Mount
May-23 Richard Cleveland
July-11 John Esq. Of Dover Broadley
Aug-25 Richard - P Hogben
Nov-11 Thomas . S of William & Eliz - P Goldfinch
1785 Mar-06 Thomas - P Cook
Mar-07 Elizabeth, Wife of Stephen Danton
Mar-20 Mary Wife of Henry - P Jarvis
Apr-16 Ann Widow Rammel
May-04 John Gardner
May-11 Edward . B in Linen. Information given of which proper Rammell
Jun-12 Noah - P Wood
July-25 Sarah Spice
Aug-29 Elizabeth Marsh
Sep-18 Martha Keble
Sep-21 Mary - P Holiday
Nov-20 John Sladden
1786 Jan-07 John Son of John & Elizabeth Marsh
Jan-15 Elizabeth, Wife of Thomas P Spain
Feb-28 George, S of Daniel & Elizabeth Fagg
Mar-20 Stephen Danton
Apr-18 John Smith
May-21 Mary 87 P Cornelius
Sep-06 Mary P Lilly
Sep-30 Mary D of George & Jane Belsey
Oct-25 Thomas & John, Sons of Thomas & Sarah Kite
Nov-04 Wiellam Vickers
Nov-12 Richard S of Reaks & Mary Kingsford
Nov-26 Sarah D of Richard & Sarah Fagg
Dec-17 Mary. Single woman Mummery
Dec-31 Sarah wife of Thomas Wood
Dec-31 Elizabeth D of Reaks & Mary Kingsford
1787 Jan-06 William Paramour
Jan-11 Elizabeth Wellard
Jan-13 Margaret P Massey
Jan-21 Mary D of John & Elizabeth Pott
Feb-25 James S of James & Mary Hudson
Mar-09 Martha Keble
Mar-28 John Baker
Apr-15 Mary Wife of Joseph Dunn
Apr-24 Sarah Wife of Isaac Esq.Buried in Linen and penalty paid Bargrave
May-01 Edward S of Robert & Mary Wastall
May-13 Jane D of William & Jane Dilnot
May-27 Zechariah S of George & Jane Belsey
July-29 William S of Edmund & Mary Field
Aug-18 Ann D of John & Mary Hogben
Dec-16 Henry Hawkins
Dec-23 Danie P Kemp
Dec-30 John Son of Reaks & Mary Kingsford
1788 Feb-17 Hester D of Richard & Sarah Soames
Feb-24 John Son of William & Mary Ledner
Mar-30 David, Son of Ann Pauper Spearpoint
Mar-30 Sarah D of John & Mary Finn
Apr-12 Elizabeth Wife of Edward| P Castle
May-12 Thomas P Tatnall
Jun-10 Nicolas Sladden
Jun-25 John Son of William & Mary Boteler
Oct-05 Simon Beer
Oct-05 Susanna, D of John & Elizabeth Durban
Oct-15 John Marsh
Nov-30 Francis Son of Mary Pauper Wood
Dec-16 George Pauper Goodban
Dec-16 William Pauper Hall
Dec-19 Henry Pauper Hole
Dec-24 Richard Pauper Pratt
Dec-24 Robert Curling
Dec-28 Thomas, S of John & Margaret Spinner
Dec-31 Elizabeth, Wife of William Long
1789 Jan-06 George S. of William & Ann Pritchard
Jan-09 Edward Pauper Castle
Jan-12 John Pauper Terry
Jan-14 Martha, Widow Pauper Vickers
Mar-10 Mary Pauper Cook
Mar-13 Mary Smith
May-08 Ann Hatcher
Jun-17 William Drayson
Jun-21 Thomas Jackson
Sep-13 George S. Of William & Ann Pritchard
Sep-20 Elizabeth Drayson D. of John & Susanna Beer Beer
Nov-07 Thomas Bushel
Nov-13 Mary Ann D. of John & Hester Sladden
Nov-25 Mary Buried in Linen Rammell
Dec-30 Ann D. of John & Mary Hogbin
1790 Jan-26 Elizabeth P Fells
Mar-25 John, S of John & Sarah Jordan
May-02 John & Joseph, Twin sons of Richard & Elizabeth Cleveland
May-03 Elizabeth Kelton
May-08 John, S of Andrew & Elizabeth Kingsford
Jun-23 Jane, D of David & Mary from Worth Wood
July-13 Abraham Mummery
Aug-22 Mary, D of John & Mary Wanstall
1791 Jan-13 Jane , Wife of John Abbot, from Dover Abbot
Feb-02 Ann, D of Mary Mummery
Feb-04 John, Son of John & Jane Abbot
Feb-15 Thomas , Gent Rammel
Feb-23 Jane, D of Elizabeth P Jarvis
Apr-21 Margaret , D of John & Margaret Spinner
Apr-29 William Hogben
May-07 William S of John & Elizabeth Legget
July-09 Thomas Pritchard
Aug-07 John Barton
Nov-24 Mary Wood
Nov-27 James Castle
1792 Feb-25 Sarah D of John & Sarah Pauper Bean
May-31 Mary, D of Ann Bushel
Jun-03 James, S of William & Mary Cook
Jun-20 Stephen, S of John & Elizabeth Kite
July-30 Sarah Susanna, Wife of Edward Cowley
Sep-06 Martha Pauper Tapsole
Sep-17 John Wastall
Oct-15 Richard Fassom
Dec-16 Thomas Harman & Bunce, Sons of Thomas & Ann Keble
1793 Jan-17 Richard Ansell
Feb-20 Thomas Keble
Apr-03 Sarah Branfourd
Apr-21 Richard S. Of Richard Susanna Goldfinch
May-15 Edward Bunce Keble
Jun-17 Charlotte Baker
July-13 Thomas Dells
July-25 Elizabeth Wife of John Moat
Aug-26 John S. Of Morris & Mary Ann Upton
Oct-25 Jane Masters
Nov-12 Susanna Pauper Thompson
Nov-28 Martha D. of William & Mary Palmer
Dec-13 John Pauper Vickers
Dec-30 Ann from Sandwich Barton
1794 Feb-01 Harriot D. of Richard Masters
Mar-09 Mary Pauper Austin
Mar-15 Robert Adams
Mar-19 Eleanor Marsh
May-08 Ann. Wife of Henry Bushel
Jun-09 John Moat
July-05 John Harvey Esq. Late Commander of his Majesty’s Ship, Brunswick. of wounds received in the action of the 1st of June. Buried in Linen Harvey
July-07 John S. of Thomas & Jane Pritchard
July-16 Elizabeth Wife of William P Cock
Aug-06 Henry Francis S. of Francis & Ann Harris
Aug-24 George, S of William & Sarah Chapman
Oct-08 Lawrence Bean
Oct-31 Elizabeth Bushell
Nov-16 Jane D. of Michael Cock
Nov-22 John, S of James &Sarah Fassom
Dec-12 James, S of James & Sarah Brown
Dec-28 John Son of Francis &Ann Harris
1795 Jan-02 Mary. Wife of George Hancock
Jan-13 Mary Ann D. Of Morris & Mary Ann Upton
Jan-18 William Cock
Jan-19 Thomas Morris
Jan-26 Elizabeth Hogben
Feb-03 John Tanton
Feb-06 Julia. D. Of William & Mary Boteler
Mar-01 John Spinner
Mar-11 William Ledner
Mar-17 Frances . Widow from Canterbury Broadley
Apr-19 Ann Widow Smith
May-17 Thomas Fassom
Jun-21 Jane Wanstall
Jun-26 George ,from Dover Mount
Jul-07 Lydy D. of James & Ann Hudson
Aug-01 Hannah Hole
Aug-13 John, S. Of William & Mary Boteler
Sep-14 Sarah Jordan
Sep-17 Alice Bean
Nov-13 Mary Wife of John Stephens
Nov-19 Mary Wife of John Elgar
Dec-27 Thomas Kite
1796 Feb-14 Rebecca, D. Of Thomas & Harriot Phillis
Mar-12 Christian, Wife of Robert Esq Kirk
Mar-25 Thomas S. of Sarah Kite
Apr-16 Mary Ann Wife of Morris Upton
Apr-22 Elizabeth Fagg
May-01 John Hogbin
May-21 Elizabeth D. of William & Mary Mummery
Jul-13 John S, of Sarah Green
Jul-28 Edward Whitnall
Aug-25 Mary Harvey
Sep-21 Elizabeth Castle
Oct-23 Ann Bushell
Dec-17 Martha Hamilton
1797 Jan-22 Sarah D. of John & Dorcas Davison
Mar-05 Sarah D. of Joseph & Elizabeth Dunn
Mar-20 James S. of Soloman & Elizabeth Wood
Apr-01 Robert S of Elizabeth Mummery
Apr-09 Julius Taylor
Apr-10 William, S of William & Ann Hancock
Dec-17 Jane, Wife of Gabriel Smith
May-28 Maria D. of Rebecca Phillis
Jul-04 Sarah , Wife of Thomas Buried in Linen penalty paid Petman
Aug-17 Christian, D. of Francis & Ann Harris
Sep-01 Sarah, Wife of Robert Bailey
Oct-29 Elizabeth, D. of Francis & Ann Harris
Nov-05 Jesse Fassom
Nov-11 Ann, D. of John & Sarah Bean
Nov-19 Willia , S. of Richard & Susanna Fassom
Dec-03 Elizabeth, D. of William & Margaret Fagg
1798 Jan-07 Mary, D. of Edmund & Mary Field
Feb-10 Alice D.of John & Sarah Bean
Feb-14 John S. Of Thomas & Mary Fassom
Feb-17 Drayson Piddock
Feb-19 James S of John & Sarah Bean
Feb-20 Elizabeth, Widow from Deal Rammel
Feb-20 John S of John & Mary Wanstall
Feb-27 Margaret wife of Thomas Pennington D.D.(buried in Linen & penalty paid) Pennington
Apr-22 Ann, Wife of John Pitcher
Apr-24 John S of Stephen & Ann Rogers
Apr-29 Dorcas, Wife of William Belsey
May-16 Elizabeth, Wife of Richard Russel
Aug-03 Catherine Mary Wife of William & Elizabeth Redman
Aug-18 Margaret Hogben
Sep-09 Edwin, S of Isaac & Ann Sladden
Sep-10 David Lawrence
Oct-22 Thomas Keble
Nov-11 Margaret, Wife of Richard Burton
Nov-11 Richard Cock
Nov-27 Richard Moat
Dec-01 Sarah. Buried in Linen,penalty paid Ledner
Dec-11 Mary, D.of Thomas & Elizabeth Morris
1799 Jan 14 Lawrence Marsh
Jan-18 Susanna D. of Isaac & Susanna Barwick
Feb-07 Thomas S. of Thomas & Angel Reeve
Feb-15 Elizabeth Allen
Mar-18 John & George. Father & Son Finn
Mar-22 Elizabeth Wife of John Legget
May-19 Thomas Gage
July-09 Elizabeth D. of Thomas, Buried in Linen: penalty paid Petman
July-09 Francis Harris
July-22 William Kelly
Aug-13 William Maxted
Aug-29 William Abbot
Oct-05 Susannah D. of Richard & Elizabeth Cleveland
Oct-16 Ann Walraven
Oct-18 Thomas, buried in Linen, the penalty paid Rammel
Oct-28 William Austen
Nov-24 Susanna D. of Thomas & Elizabeth Castle
Dec-28 Sarah Wife of Richard Fagg
Dec-28 James S. of John & Sarah Bean
1800 Feb-09 Mary Wife of William . from Little Hardry Preston
Feb-21 Sarah Wife of John Bean
Mar-20 Edward Kelton
Mar-23 John Fassom
Apr-06 John Stephens
Apr-13 Sarah Curling
Apr-30 Richard Burton
May-04 Mary Mummery
May-19 Robert, from Folkestone Redman
May-31 Isaac Esq Bargrave
Jun-24 Alice, Widow Ansel
Jul-18 Sarah Davis
Aug-24 Sarah, Widow aged 89 Petman
Aug-31 Thomas Austen
Sep-28 John from Sandwich (aged 77) Simmons
Oct-01 Richard from Walmer (aged 21) Bushell
Oct-09 John (Aged 79) Hall
Nov-06 James (an infant) Drayson
Dec-11 Richard Walraven
1801 Feb-01 Ann (an infant) Hudson
Feb-22 Sarah, Wife of Thomas (aged 69 ) Phillis
Feb-25 Sarah (aged 60) Scarlet
Feb-28 Thomas (aged 70) Spain
Mar-07 Joseph (aged 56) Silver
Mar-19 John (aged 42) Griggs
Apr-04 William (aged 39) Agar
Apr-29 Isaac Hayes
Jul-17 Edward George, Son of Edw. & Eliz Boys of Walmer- born 15 Jan 1801 died 15th July following, & was buried on 17th. Boys
Dec-06 James Dunn
Dec-20 George (aged 9)? Fagg
1802 Feb-24 Elizabeth from Hythe Rammell
Feb-28 Thomas Phillis
Mar-18 Ann Keble
May-20 John aged 83.Yr. Dewell
May-21 Susannah aged 44.Yr. Barwick
May-21 Job an infant traveller Lee
May-26 Robert Esqr. From Hythe Kirk
Jun-03 Joshua from Deal aged 73 Yr. Redman
Aug-20 William aged 37 Yr. Mummery
Aug-29 Thomas aged 14 Yr. Carlton
Oct-01 John gent aged 72 Yr. Hatrvey
Oct-06 Michael aged 57 Yr. Nethersole
Dec-08 Jane L -infant dau. of The Rev P LeGeyt Legeyt
Dec-14 Miles - a traveller O’Brian
Dec-30 Mary - infant Morris
1803 Jan-20 Thomas – infant Son of Edward & Mary – aged 10 days White
Feb-13 Henry aged 11 Yr. Bentley
Apr-17 Elizabeth , Wife of William Aged 21 yrs Pott
May-07 Frederick S. of Wm. Esq. & Mary his wife, aged 2 years and nine months Boteler
May-18 William infant Son of Jane aged 2 days Hart
May-22 Mary Widow aged 67 Yr. Drayson
Jul-03 Edward aged 10 weeks Drayson
Jul-20 Ann infant daughter of Wm & Elizabeth Pott
Aug-02 Stephen from Sandwich - Shoemaker aged 35 Hart
Aug-02 Susanna Wife of John of Northborne aged 37 Beer
Sep-04 Sarah infant D. of John & Mary Bentley
Sep-04 Robert S of Robert & Sarah aged 2 Yr & 8 Ms Atkins
Sep-20 William aged 79 Yr. Belsey
Sep-18 John infant S of Walter & Hannah Williams
Oct-23 Mary widow aged 90 Yrs. Pittock
Oct-23 Thomas Bowles aged 5 Drayson
Oct-23 James , an infant from Sandwich Hart
Nov-02 Richard , an infant Fassom

NB The ages in the foregoing pages which are placed within parenthesis, were added to the respective names,after the copies of the register were delivered at the visitation
Signed by P LeGeyt curate

1804 Feb-19 Elizabeth, infant Daughter. of George & Elizabeth Bartlet
Mar-10 Thomas aged 78 Beer
Mar-20 Richard aged 70 Cock
May-03 Jane, Wife of Vincent aged 30 Bailey
May-10 Thomas – Infant Fagg
Jul-25 Robert, an American aged 80 Murray
Sep-01 Henry- Infant Mummery
Sep-12 Robert aged 84 Norwood
Oct-14 Joseph from Littlebourn aged 73 Belsey
Oct-21 James aged 74 Bartlet
Dec-18 Benjamin aged 21 Wasstall
Dec-23 John aged 82 Pitcher
1805 Jan-10 Mary Aged 32 Young
Jan-23 Robert aged 65 Wastall
Jan-28 John aged 60 Pott
Jan-31 Elizabeth aged 71 Solley
Feb-12 Michael - Sexton aged 67 Cock
Mar-31 William aged 12 Ager
Apr-08 Elizabeth aged 45 Cleveland
May-15 Mary aged 80 Pittock
May-29 William an infant Goldfinch
Jun-02 Richard aged 53 Soames
Jul-14 Ann aged 25 Richards
Sep-22 William aged 90 Chalcraft
Oct-06 Mary aged 92 Woodroff
Oct-26 John Infant Dawking
Nov-09 William Infant Sharp
Dec-12 Isaac Dod
Dec-22 Ann Infant Spratten
1806 Jan-16 Eleanor aged 73 Dare
Jan-17 Elizabeth Cook
Jan-26 Ann 85 years Massey
Feb-26 Frances aged 18 Spain
Mar-05 William - infant Terry
Mar-06 Ann aged 77 Pittock
Mar-20 Mary Ann - infant Pot
Mar-21 Ann Belsey
Mar-23 Phillip - infant Upton
Apr-24 Joshua aged 27 years & ½ Redman
May-25 Sarah 68 years Belsey
Jun-12 Harriot Infant Atkins
Jun-21 Elizabeth aged 27 Sladden
Jun-29 Sarah aged 31 Pritchard
Jun-18 Mary aged 79 Fells
Jun-18 John age 11 Sladden
Jun-24 James - infant Sladden
Sep-25 Edward aged 2 Hart
Sep-28 Ann aged 23 Pott
Oct-01 Christian Tournay aged 55 Bargrave
Oct-30 Silas aged 7 years Clover
Nov-18 Elizabeth aged 73 Larence
Dec-13 George 23 Hancock
1807 Jan-03 John Infant ) Twins Pittock
Jan-08 Ralph Infant ) Twins Pittock
Jan-31 Joyce aged 66 Fells
Feb-01 Esther aged 3 years Soams
Mar-01 Thomas Roberts
Mar-08 Jacob, from Reculver Eason
Mar-25 Mary aged 16 Beer
May-22 May aged 67 Dad
Jun-06 William aged 33 Sawkins
Jun-24 Sarah aged 29 Hayward
Jul-05 George aged 4 Field
Jul-27 Richard aged 22 Hancock
Aug-24 Samuel aged 66 Fells
Aug-25 Jame aged 21 Cleveland
Sep-13 Ann aged 50 Garnett
Sep-29 Isaac aged 40 Sladden
Nov-04 William aged 65 Hoile
Dec-24 Sarah aged 3 Bailey
1808 Jan-17 George aged 76 Hancock
Feb-26 William - Infant } Twins Sharp
Mar-18 Harriot - Infant } Twins Sharp
Mar-27 William Bushell
Mar-31 John - Infant Pott
Apr-01 Ann aged 76 Baker
Apr-13 Richard aged 60 Dixon
Jun-25 Katherine . Daughter of Henry Wise Harvey Esq & Margaret his wife born Jun-22 1808 died Jun-23 1808 Harvey
Jul-05 William aged 22 Chittenden
Jul-06 Christian Bargrave . Daughter of William Bridger & Christian his wife born June-28 and died on Jun-29 1808 Bridger
Jul-14 Ann aged 4 years Dixon
Aug-15 Thomas aged 75 Pettman
Aug-22 Jane aged 15 Marbrook
Sep-11 John Danne Infant Wastall
Oct -27 Thomas aged 56 Finn
Nov-02 Drayson aged 75 Dod
Nov-04 Mary aged 80 Simons
Nov-11 Richard aged 2 years Soams
Nov-19 Mary aged 67 Wellard
Nov-28 Mary aged 2 Hawkins
Dec-18 Sophia aged 2 Stringer
1809 Jan-21 John Walter
Jan-30 Robert aged 84 Simmons
Mar-06 Jane an infant Clover
Mar-23 Harriet aged 30 Keble
Mar-30 Ann Wood aged 13 Redman
Apr-23 Maria aet: 23 Cope
Apr-30 John aet: 66 Long
May-26 Thomas aet: 33 Fassoms
May-27 Mary an infant Turner
Jun-02 Catherine aet: 84 Harvey
Jun-08 Mary aet: 19 Dunn
Jun-24 Thomas aet: 43 Ford
Jun-27 Mary aet: 68 Maxted
Jul-15 Harriet an infant Pittock
Aug-14 Thomas an infant Dewell
Aug-23 Elizabeth Pittock
Oct -01 Elizabeth an infant Goldfinch
Oct -01 William an infant Fells
Oct -01 Edward an infant Terry
Oct -04 Sarah an infant Goldfinch
Nov-12 Sarah an infant Vansom
Nov-27 Ann Sawkins
Dec-03 Adam Cullen
Dec-21 James aet: 21 Hudson
1810 Feb-04 Henry aet: 76 Bushel
Feb-08 Richard aet: 71 Pettman
Feb-17 William an infant Pittock
Mar-18 John Hayward
Mar-23 Mary Frisby
Mar-26 Richard aet: 64 Fagg
Apr-26 Edward Esq. of Statenborough George
May-06 Mary aet: 45 Field
Aug-24 Ewell aet: 32 Ewell
Sep-07 Edward aet: 7 Carlton
Oct-18 George an infant Bartlet
Nov-23 John aet 5 Terry
Dec -04 William aet: 27 Finn
Dec-11 Charlotte an infant Belsey
1811 Feb-11 John aet: 71 Solley
Feb-23 William aet: 82 Jarvis
Mar-01 David aet: 83 Dadd
Mar-18 Maria an infant Johnson
Apr-08 Cecilia an infant Smith
May-08 Elizabeth aet 97 Aynott
Jul-08 Ann - Widow aet: blank Sladden
Jul-15 John Simmons
Aug-22 William Pittock
Sep-04 Richard Spain
Nov-08 Sarah aet 52 Atkins
Dec-04 Hannah Spain
1812 Jan-06 Thomas an infant Hills
Jan-10 Sarah Moat
Jan-27 Ann aet: 66 Tanton
Feb-07 Henry an infant Dixon
Feb-07 Lawrence aet: 69 Lawrence
Mar-16 Edward an infant Smith
May-08 Mary Read
May-23 Esther Nethersole
Aug-11 Elizabeth widow aet: 82 Dadd
Sep-18 Jane Johnson
Nov-27 Sophia Ford
Nov-30 Ralph Pittock