Resource 1750-1837

This covers Georgian England, the Industrial Revolution, Slavery and the start of the British Empire. Do not neglect fiction works during this period, eg Fanny Burney, Samuel Richardson, John Cleland, Samuel Johnson, the Bronte sisters, Henry Fielding, George Eliott. Apart from fiction, there are very few books in print on social comment.

The Archaeology of the Transport Revolution 1750-1850 by P.J.G. Ransom 1984

The Industrial Revolution by Jonathan Downs 2010 (Shire Publications)

Education, Economic Change and Society in England 1780-1870 by Michael Sanderson 1991

The Age of Revolution 1789-1848 by Eric Hobsbawm 1962 (reprinted many times).

The First Industrial Nation - the Economic History of Britain 1700-1914 by Peter Mathias 1983

Diary of a Farmer's Wife 1796-97

At Home with the Georgians BBC TV programme December 2010 in three parts.

The Secret History of Georgian London by Dan Cruickshank 2009

Seven Ages of Britain David Dimbleby 2009. Chapter 5, 'The Age of Money'. Also a BBC TV series.

Empire of the Seas by Brian Lavery 1996. Chapters 6 to 8. Also a BBC TV series presented by Dan Snow (episode 2). The ordering and driving force of the Navy in stimulating Britain.