Our work is spread between collaborative projects on a specific theme such as properties on a street, or a particular source like the 1910 Land Valuation; and individual work being done by members following their own interests.

The 2008-09 class examined aspects of Upper Deal around the Victorian time with great reference to the tithe map and the available census material.

The 2009-10 class had a group project examining properties along Church Path, being the 100th anniversary of the Inland Revenue 1910 survey. Individual projects were also studied.

The 2010-11 class now running privately is looking at the impact of the Church on the parish during the years 1750 to 1837. The members are also doing individual projects.

2011-2012 research project was loosely based on the period 1661 to 1750. From the Restoration to the mid 18th Century. Famous people connected with Deal during this period. This was exhibited at the Heritage Open Weekend early September 2012.

2016 our researches concentrated on Deal High Street. A major part was producing a spreadsheet of the properties trying to tie together property numbering pre and post renumbering. Not so easy as there was always change. We managed a good data set for 1851 with the majority of the buildings traced through to 1898. The exhibition was in September 2016 part of the Heritage Open days.

2017 We had a further look at Deal High Street. The Deal Borough Renumbering book of 1892 came to light. There were about 15 streets renumbered. The exhibition was at the Heritage Open Day Saturday at the Astor Theatre where 120 people came along to see it.