Photos around Upper Deal

A collection of historic photos available from archive collections. You may order full size copies of the illustrated ones where the archive source is indicated. There will usually be a small charge for this service.

A view towards the Church showing the detached graveyard on the left, in the top part of Church Path. This view is no longer available as a building has been built on the waste ground in the front of the photo.
Ref: Dover Museum D03021

Church Path project 2010

Part of Church Path taken outside Dufferin Terrace looking South


Below image was part of Holly Farm / Neptune Farm off Manor Road and has now been refurbished. Ref: Dover Museum D22253


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The barn is still there exactly as it was.


The Upper Deal Manor House below was a splendid building. Here are three views.
Ref: Dover Museum D03005


Ref: Dover Museum D33278


Ref: Dover Museum D03003


Below is a view of Upper Deal taken from the Mill, a view seen well into the 20th century, but the number of sailing ships point to before 1830. The engraving is in Stebbing's book and he attributes it to 'The Watering Places of Britain' by Joseph Robins, 1828. Ref: Dover Museum D31171

There are 5 mills visible if you look

Prospect Place named very early on, opposite the Naval Yard. Many of these buildings still exist. Also in Stebbing's book. Ref: Dover Museum D20882


Ivy Cottage (below), Grade II listed and the site of the Forge in Middle Deal Road.
Picture by Alan Buckman

Forge was this side of the very old wall, left

The Mill. Related page.


Deal beach - Judges postcard