Neptune farm
Date Description Owner Occupier Sources Notes Value
1843 Farm yard, house and garden Mrs Thomas Edward Hobday T115 and 116 Hobday and his father George occupied over 60 acres in Deal of which about half was in Upper Deal.
1876-12 Free BMD Farmer b 1849-03, employer. Married Susannah Verrier Marsh 1876-12
1886 Upper Deal Exrs James Bates Curling Deal rate book 076 House, farm & premises. Curling also occupied land in Deal fields valued at £22. £20
1887 Geo Frederick Curling Kelly's directory Market gardener
1891 Farm House Frederick Curling (42) RG12/738/65/26/176
1897-05-21 Neptune House, Manor Rd EK/U1507/E242 Previous conveyance mentioned in 1935 sale particulars
1909 Neptune Farm, Manor Rd Geo Frederick Curling Kelly's directory
1910 House & garden Manor Rd F G Curling F G Curling IR58/164 1897 purchase £100
1911 Farmyard, barn Manor Rd F G Curling F G Curling IR58/165 1897 purchase £290 £650 inc 164 and 187
1910 House & garden Manor Rd F G Curling H F Curling (son) IR58/187
1911 Neptune Farm, Manor Rd Frederick Curling (62) RG14/126 and 127 Farmer, carrier etc
1929-09-11 Neptune Farm E Curling Sales particulars Bought by Wyman who outbid Ernest Curling. Included market garden 1a 1r 30p and 2 cottages in additon to Neptune Cottage
1930 Neptune Farm E Curling Freda Hopper E Curling bought the property excluding the farmhouse. Hopper is E Curling's daughter
1934 Neptune Farm, Manor Rd Deal Library Pictures 101 Black & white postcard. The converted building is still recognisable in 2010.
1935-04-10 Neptune House, Manor Rd Trustees of F G Beane Mr Potter Sale particulars EK/U1507/E242 Also known as Neptune Farm and The Homestead. Brick, cement faced, tiled roof. Hall, sitting room, living room, scullery, 4 bedrooms garden of 1/4 acre. Gas water and mains drainage. Rent £52
1938 Neptune House, Manor Rd A H Kemp Pain's Directory
1938 Neptune Cottage E Curling Pain's Directory
1941-10-21 Neptune Cottage 76 Manor Rd Multiple E W Curling MAF 32/1022/329/23 10a under grass. 2 horses. Given up on crops. Worked spare time. Miners steal and trample - used only for horse fodder for coal delivery. Rated B. Occupied 11 years. Rent £33
1949-45 Neptune Farm, Manor Rd Freda Hopper Date not specified. Barn roof damaged by a local explosion and replaced with corrugated metal from grant of £25.

Research: Ian Williams