Court Lodge farm

Court Lodge Farm was probably so named in the 1890s when Charles Page, the son of the then owner Henry Page, ran the farm and managed a dairy, and lived in Court Lodge in Church Path. Before then the farm was known as Deal Court Farm or Middle Deal Farm.

The earliest date noted here is from an estate map of 1793, where one of the fields is called Didham piece. In 1829 128 acres of land occupied by Thomas Reader was sold, and Reader bought 11 acres or so himself in addition to some other plots. By 1843 at the time of the tithe survey, Thomas had one of the largest farms in Deal. 20 years later the farm passed on to Reader's nephew Thomas Mourilyan, and then from his family to Henry Page, when it was managed by Charles Page. Mount Bros, who still run the farm today, acquired the property around 1919 or 1920.

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