Wills of Deal people

To research back to the earliest times, it is necessary to look at wills in depth. On this page we would like you to add details of wills you have come across. You must have the archive reference number so that we can get back to it. Periodically we will re-sort them into time slots. Further information will be available from the person who added it to the list.

Wills contain a mine of history information such as details of property they own, not just relationships within the family. Beware that some terms used do not have today's meaning for example 'Brother or Sister' may mean 'Brother or Sister in law'. Many early wills are written in secretary hand and need care in transcription.

A good references to understanding wills are Words from wills and other probate records 1500-1800: A Glossary by Stuart Raymond. Federation of Family History Societies, 2004. and Wills and probate records The National Archives, retrieved 2011-07-04. East Kent wills and probate records 1396-1659 have been indexed online by the Kent Archaeological Society.

Next time Alan gets to see the microfilms he will check where the source is for the films referenced here. There are uually several copies, some sources contains more wills.

Surname Forename Date Proved Date Written Reference Archive Notes Seen Added by
Herrynge Thomas 1576 PRC32/33/11a CCA of Deal Y Sue Buckman
Herringe John 1592 PRC32/37/48a CCA of Deal Y Sue Buckman
Boys Agnes 1599 19th July PROB11/94 TNA Living at Deal Castle N Sue Buckman
Bowle John 1620 1619 PRC17/60/145a CCA of Ringwould Y Sue Buckman
Bold Symon 1645 1643 PRC16/245 B/1 587 CCA of Walmer Y Sue Buckman
Morris John 1646 17th Feb PROB11/195 TNA Belonging to the ship Victory of Deal, Kent N Sue Buckman
Culmer (sen) John 1650 TNA Mariner of Margate Y Sue Buckman
Gardner Charles 1687 1687 PRC32/55/302A CCA Mariner, brother of Thomas Gardner Y Sue Buckman
Bowle Richard 1693 1692 PRC17/78/199b CCA of Ringwould Y Sue Buckman
Long Andrew 1697 1697 PRC32/57/17b CCA Y Alan Buckman
Gardner Thomas 1699 1696 PRC32/57/111B CCA On HMS Eagle Y Sue Buckman
Bowles Sarah 1710 1708 PRC17/81/309a CCA of Walmer Y Sue Buckman
Rentone Thomasin 1730 1729 PRC32/60/525B CCA Hatchment in St Leonard's Deal - Maiden name Bowles Y Sue Buckman
Bowles Valentine 1711 1710 PRC32/58/329 CCA Grocer, very wealthy, member of Deal Charter committee, Quaker Y Sue Buckman
Denne Elizabeth 1718 1718 PRC32/59/327 CCA Y Alan Buckman
Powell Thomas 1720 1719 PRC32/59/478a CCA Y Alan Buckman
Coppin Joshua 1721 1714 PRC32/59/533 CCA Y Alan Buckman
Brothers Thomas 1721 1719 PRC32/59/515a CCA Y Alan Buckman
Baker Elizabeth 1721 1720 PRC32/59/527b CCA Y Alan Buckman
Denne Vincent 1722 1720 PRC32/59/545c CCA Y Alan Buckman
Denne Mary 1722 1721 PRC32/59/602a CCA Y Alan Buckman
Hulke Elizabeth 1726 1723 PRC32/60/182 CCA Y Alan Buckman
Oakley Thomas 1731 1731 PRC32/60/591 CCA DSC00275-9 Y Alan Buckman
Oakley John 1745 1737 PRC32/62/383 CCA DSC00273-4 Y Alan Buckman
Baker John 1767 1767 PRC32/65/178 CCA Y Alan Buckman
Castle Ambrose 1767 Ancestry LMA Mariner, ship Lord Mansfield Y Sue Buckman
Oakley Thomas 1783-11-15 1783-08-01 PROB 11/1110 TNA Gentleman Y Ian Williams
Long Andrew 1810 1799 PRC32/68/104 CCA Y Alan Buckman
Long Thomas 1813 1802 PRC32/68/180a CCA Y Alan Buckman
Wilkinson George 1852-05-21 1852-02-27 PROB/11/2154 TNA Pilot Y Ian Williams

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CCA Canterbury Cathedral Archive
LMA London Metropolitan Archive
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