Datasets of Deal People

These datasets have more or less information depending on the reason each survey was compiled. This may not be complete! We can expand the listing if you tell us the availability of extra information.


1618 Church Seating plan Deal Parish
1634 Deal Landowners KHLC Sa/RTz4
1634 Assessment (Cess) Deal Parish KHLC Sa/RTz4
1637 Assessment (Cess) Deal Parish
1639 Assessment (Cess) Deal Parish
1663 Tenements 174 Rents - The Waste Lambeth Palace
1670 Assessment (Cess) Deal Parish
1689 Poll Tax All KHLC Sa/RTz4
1698 Tenements Archbishop Leaseholders
1720 Window Tax Householders KHLC Sa/RTz4
1725 Assessment (Cess) Deal Parish
1726 Land Tax
1729 Land Tax
1785 Assessment (Cess) c950 Householders & land Deal Library Richard Cavill's 1st Book
1792 Long
1795 Universal Directory
1803 Finch Kent Directory 299 Traders Pilots &C Deal Library Directories folder
1807 Maritime Imperial Guide 47 Deal Library Directories folder
1811 Holden Directory 261 Deal Library Directories folder
1816 Holden Directory 25 Deal Library Directories folder
1824 Pigot Directory Traders &C
1826 Pigot Directory Traders &C
1831 Census Head of Household Deal Library
1831-1868 Poll Books Voters Spreadsheet
1840 Pigot Directory Traders &C
1843 Tithe Schedule Owners/occupiers Kent Arch.
1847 Bagshaw Kent Directory Traders &C Deal Library
1855 Post Office Directory Traders &C HD pp317-323
1858 Melville Directory Traders &C HD
1868 Handbook to the Downs Traders &C BL Search main catalogue
1871 OS Map 25inch Many details KCC maps
1876 Handbook to the Downs Traders &C BL Search main catalogue
1898 Deal & Walmer Street Directory Head of house Deal Library
1910 Inland Revenue Owners/occupiers KHLC / TNA
1911 Census All
1918 Kelly Directory Traders &C HD
1939 Register All except living

All census available except 1901
Deal Library : Deal & Walmer Street Directory available many years from 1898
HD :
KHLC : Kent History & Library Centre, Maidstone
TNA : The National Archive, Kew.
BL : British Library
KCC maps :
Kent Arch. :
Deal Library : Local Study section (glass cabinets)
The Tithe does not cover most of Lower Deal.

Compiled by Alan Buckman