Notable Residents

16th Century

17th Century

18th Century

Elizabeth Carter 1717 - 1806
Born in Deal, noted scholar and member of the 'blue stocking circle'.

Sir Francis Samuel Drake 1728 - 1789
Baronet of Prospect, Devon, Rear Admiral of the Red and Commissioner of the Navy. Visited Deal frequently, married a local girl and buried in St Leonard's Churchyard. Further reading.....

19th Century

G P R James
Novelist, lived some years at Walmer and Upper Deal. Subject of a Blue Plaque on Tormore Park (The Oaks).

Catherine Boys
Ran an orphanage in Middle Street from around 1845 to her death in 1872. She has a Blue Plaque installed November 2014 in recognition.

20th Century

Leslie Hoare-Belisha
Minister for Transport in 1930's, inventor of the Belisha Beacon and some time resident of Pope's Hole.

21st Century