Local History Sources

TNA The National Archives
CKS Cenre for Kentish Studies Maidstone (Kent county archives)
EKS East Kent Archives, Whitfield
CCA Canterbury Cathedral Archives, print is 50p per A4 sheet. Photocopies only on material younger than 100 years.
TL Templeman Library, University of Kent, Canterbury, print is 10p per A3 sheet.
DLS Deal Library Local Studies Collection
DovLS Dover Library Local Studies Collection
DM Dover Museum Archive / Library. They have a digital photographic archive.
SGA Sandwich Guildhall Archives. They will digitise items for you.
SLS Sandwich Library Local Studies Collection


All the archive centres and local studies collections have books of historical interest to our area. See the booklist with locations for specific books, but material can turn up in the most unexpected place.


The 1911 Census (online) allows you to search for named people or property. From this information you can discover who lived in your property or where your relatives lived. This Census was the first one written in the householder’s own hand. As the sheet shows, there is an individual page for each family and it contains a wealth of information. In addition, the Summary schedule shows neighbours in the street. [TNA low cost]


This was a survey of property commissioned in order to introduce a ‘Capital Gains Tax’ on the value of the property. Lloyd George introduced it and every property, commercial or residential was included. See the copy of the 1910 map with the red number on each property. Accompanying this map were ‘Field books’ where individual properties were described in minute detail, not just the owner and the occupier but the condition and a full description of the building. Further information. [TNA]


Published directories contain alphabetical listings of householder, address and a separate street index. Thus you can find who was living in your property or locate your ancestors providing you have the correct town. Church Path only acquired house numbers between 1911 and 1914 so it is common to see many terrace names. Occasionally, you will have the trade or occupation the person carried out. Street directories for Deal are available for 1898 and years up to 1966 at the Local Studies Collection. Beware of re-numbering of houses, re-naming of streets and also empty houses are usually left off the street index. The directory is usually compiled a year before printing. You need to look at several to confirm the resident of a property with reference to the neighbours. [DLS]


These records created after July 1837 are indexed on-line and are available to purchase from the General Records Office at £9.25 per certificate. The information contained is essential for researching your family tree. Look for addresses, maiden names and witnesses to marriages. The information is also recorded in the Church records and these are often available for free on film or fiche, but check for the parish at your local archives collection. Free BMD has good proportion in chronological order.


The parish records for Deal (St Leonard's Parish) are remarkably complete and a transcript is available on microfiche in Deal Library Local Studies Collection, the originals are at Canterbury Cathedral Archives. A separate set of records - the Bishop's Transcripts - also available at Canterbury Cathedral Archives on roll film will confirm entries that are missing or illegible in the normal index. [DLS, CCA]


Deal is mentionned in quite a few specific acts. Topics include Pavement Acts, Turnpike Acts, Supply of Water, Deal Pier, Railways etc


Apart from B,M,D there are Churchwarden's Accounts, Overseers Accounts, Bastardy Bond records, Settlement Records etc covering a whole host of topics. See also the Vestry Meetings and Vestry Minutes books, all on open access in Deal Library Local Studies collection. Before 1836 the parish was the local administration authority and dealt with the poor. [DLS, CCA]


The East Kent Mercury was established in 1865 and complete microfilm copy exists currently in Sandwich Library but returning to Deal Library in January 2011. It has always been a weekly edition. [DLS]

The Deal, Walmer & Sandwich Telegram started slightly earlier. [DLS]

Kentish Gazette first issued 1769 and available on film most issues until 1851 at the Templeman Library, University of Kent at Canterbury. There is open access to view and 10p per A3 copy. A real mine of information. Typical contents here. [TL]

Kentish Post The foreruner to the Kentish Gazette, published in Canterbury (1717 - 1771). It merged with the Kentish Gazette after some period of competition. CCA have microfilm copies from January 1726. [CCA at 50p per A4 copy]


Published by various people, providing a wealth of information. Extracts are available photocopied in the Deal Library Local Studies collection. Others may be available. AHRG have copies of quite a few. [DLS].

Historicaldirectories.org have quite a few relevant ones.

CCA have various issues of PIGOT's back to 1826 and POST OFFICE directories. They also have a 1904/5 copy of the Dover and District Trade Directory which goes out as far as Maidstone.