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Deal and the surrounding area has had a variety of heavy and light industries over many years and this section is for making access to research that we and others have done on these topics. If you are able to contribute please contact AHRG through the contact email and we will add either links to published articles, or put them up on this website.

Covering the period when Lower Deal became the New Town of the day to the end of the sailing boat era.
Major activity has been of pilotage and smuggling but the Deal Boatmen also supplied ships with food, water, Deal built boats, anchors. The excise men endeavoured to keep the trade legal, without evading duties.

First the Castles, then the Naval Yard & Hospital, followed by the Marines and the barracks. Britain has been more or less at war with many of her neighbours over the centuries, and Deal prospered.

From the Manors operating in the Feudal System through changes in agricultural practices and crops to the current day.

Another occupation for the Deal Boatmen.

Deal attempted to redefine itself several times starting with a Regatta in 1826 and a distinct effort to grow the tourist industry from 1836.

From the opening up of the Kent Coalfield, in particular Betteshanger Colliery, the new housing estates. Impact on the communities, and coal transport.

Mill Hill housing estate Deal - EKM 3rd JAN 2013

Bicycle manufacture, brick making, brewing, …… to modern industry.

Hammill Brickworks at Woodnesborough - EKM 3rd JAN 2013
Water Works in St Richard's Road - EKM 13th DEC 2012


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