Harman Solicitor

An EXTRACT from the Records of F.W.HARMAN, Deal, 1920

Mr Harman was a solicitor and made notes of Old Deeds and Documents that passed through their practice. These records are available at East Kent Archives, Whitfield under reference number EK / U2938 / Z2
You will find this extract in the first volume of eight.

The sketch opposite and these notes are to do with the sale of land from The Oaks estate. It is amazing the little gems you unearth. The ‘Manor House’ referred to is actually ‘Court House’. The School marked on the map and in the text gives a range of dates over which the sketch was representational. The size of the area is given in Acres, Rods and Poles.


17th June 1878 Will of Henry Boys of The Oaks, Upper Deal Esq J.P. D.L
Devised and bequitted residue of estate to Rev Thomas Llewellyn Griffith, Rector of St Leonards, Upper Deal.
Died 1 June 1882. Probate 20 July 1882

6th April 1892 Mortgage for £750
Rev T Ll Griffith to Capt Mowbray Taylor.
Parcels (1st) Orchard contg 1 acre comprised in deed of 5th Dec 1857 and coloured GREEN on plan.

(2nd) Manor House with garden orchard barn and contg by est 1.A. 3.R. 14.P. comprised in deed of 23 Mch 1853 (but excepting site of a schoolhouse) and cold blue on plan.

(3rd) was apparently “The Oaks” cold pink on plan.
Ackngment for production of deeds includes
17 May 1858 Boys to Cavell – Mortgage
5 May 1875 Reconveyance indorsed