Stanhope Hall

The Edwardians started taking up leisure activities in a big way. At Deal the Sunday afternoon on the promenade was very popular as was the Bandstand and at the theatres for entertainments. Photography was also taking off with many Edwardian postcards being produced.

In Deal there was the Pier Pavilion owned and run by the Borough of Deal, the Theatre Royal in King Street and the Globe Theatre at the Depot Royal Marines. There was also Georges Hall in Park Street. Competition from electric pictures at the Marina Hall, High Street and roller skating at a site next to the Timeball Tower and bandstand.

All these places must have been doing well enough to show good prospects in the building of another hall – the Stanhope Hall, and so it appeared in 1907.

Very little appears in the newspaper. There are adverts placed in the Deal Walmer & Sandwich Mercury for hire of the hall for dances and receptions for the sum of £2 2s.



Soon the Stanhope Hall had a skating rink (current car park). The picture shows roller skating. It appealed to young and old and became a craze sweeping the country. Deal had two skating rinks from 1910.


Notable events included a billiards match featuring Melbourne Inman in 1907 who went on to become world champion 6 times between 1909 and 1919.