Lost (?) Documents

This is a list of documents we have (not) come across. We know they are there (mostly) but unavailable to look at for various reasons. If you have seen or know the whereabouts of any of these we would like to know! If you know of any other document that needs to be added because they are missing then please add it.

Title Ref Archive Last Seen Contents Possibility
St George's Chapel Book 1712-1726 U3/67/28/30 CCA 2009 Accounts of money subscribed for the Chapel; copy of the Act for completing the chapel by levying a duty on water borne coats (sic) 1712; copy of articles of agreement with the contractors; account of money collected from the duty on sea coals; mortgages; minutes of the corporation relating to the chapel; petition to Archbishoip of Canterbury to consecrate the chapel yard and appoint a curate 1716; gift of the land by the corporation 1716; account of coals landed at Deal 1716-1725 giving the name of ship, Master and quantity in chaldrons and bushels. This may have been removed to EKA where there is a very similar document.
1901 Census for Deal and Walmer TNA Apparently neither was received by TNA from the Registrar General with the rest of the census books when they were originally deposited.
Thomas Powell's Diary Stephen Pritchard refers to it frequently in his 1864 book Diary over period 1699 to 1721 during which time Powell was Mayor of Deal, 1703 and 1708
Deal Assembly Minutes Book 1699-1710 Very similar to Vol 2 which is in EKA Mis-catalogued? There is a reference which needs to be confirmed.

Queries or assistance to Alan Buckman.