Kentish Gazette

The Kentish Gazette was first issued in 28th May 1768 with a twice weekly edition. It is a valuable history resource, including far more information than you would think, being just a county newspaper. There are microfilmed copies at Templeman Library (UKC), Canterbury Library (Beaney Institute) and on-line (British Newspapers Archive - free at your local Kent library).

The forerunner of this newspaper is The Kentish Post which is available on microfilm at Canterbury Cathedral Archives (CCA) from 1726 to 1768 (some small gaps).

Over several issue in February 1786 the typical contents are:

  • For sale, Wanted and Announcements. Adverts of latest pills and medicines.
  • List of certificates issued for Game Duty.
  • News from House of Commons, London Gazette, county, country and foreign
  • In other magazines - Town & Country.
  • Corn and commodity markets average prices in each of 5 centres in Kent. Price of stocks.
  • Ships News. Daily list of comings & goings and where they are bound for, covering Deal, Gravesend.
  • Marriages and Deaths
  • Poets corner, one edition had a column on Music

Around 1837 the front page is more taken up with Union Workhouse tenders, Railways and Turnpike trusts.

Some particular entries for illustration:

For sale by Auction
At DEAL on Wednesday the 15th instant,
At three o'clock in the afternoon.
About thirty-six hundred weigtht of damaged British Refined Sugar, saved from the Sloop James and Mary, stranded near Deal, on her voyage from London to Cork. For particulars apply to Mr John Iggulden, Deal.

Ships News - Deal, Feb 1st 1786
Wind W by S blows hard. Arrived and sailed for the river his Majesty’s ship the Marquis de Seignally – Remain the ships as before, Justins, Moncur, for Jamaica; Ark, Foster, for Barcelona; Virgo Packet, Plightling, for Vigo; Fleece, Moore, for Plymouth; Brothers, Hayes, for Livrpool; and Lord Mulgrave, Chilton, for –
Feb 2nd Wind N, N, W. Sailed this afternoon, the London, Ponsborn, and Stormont Eastindiamen, with the rest of the outward bound as before; and Endeavour, Martin, for Cadis. Remain the Myrmidon and Scout Sloop.

In edition dated March 9th to Thursday March 16th 1786:
The snow is so much drifted between Canterbury and Dover that the road is impassable for carriages, and the Mail which was due from thence last night, is not yet arrived. The London Mail did not arrive in this city till near one o'clock this day, and the bags were then brought on horseback.

Research by Alan Buckman